About Us / Who's Lisa?

I'm Lisa and I want to add joy to the lives of those that do 'all the things' for everyone but themselves.
That's why I'm curating a monthly subscription box JUST FOR YOU!
It is filled with 3-4 items (one of them personalized) for the busy mom, sister, daughter, friend who rarely takes time for themselves.
In the box may be a tote, a tee, a tumbler - each month is different. And, each month is a surprise so you will have an experience when opening up something special, made just for you!
I love a subscription box. But, I'm loving making them even more!
I've always been a gift giver and this is fulfilling my artsy, craftsy heart. 
This is my 'second chapter' as a career.
I spent close to 20 years in the television news business. I'm a veteran of it all - anchor, reporter, producer, creative director, ad sales and sometimes janitor (newsrooms can be trainwrecks) and after doing 'all the things' in a the tv news world, I wanted more time with my family and to spend time doing something I truly enjoy!