Go with your gut

It's 9am on the day I WAS going to open up the website to start taking orders for my monthly box subscription. Thankfully, I followed my gut and went ahead and opened it up the day BEFORE! And it taught me something.

After working all day yesterday on getting one little piece of the checkout process added in to the website and not succeeding, I was so down. My brain isn't as quick as it used to be, then couple that with ever-changing technology, plus the distractions of my fam running around the house like crazy, and I was frustrated. Frustrated in thinking - will I even get this to work? How will people know I'm legit when this part of the checkout (asking about your personalization) won't work?  And then the lightbulb went off and I thought "why am I stressing about this? I'm legit, people will know it and I will eventually figure this dang form out (as I always do)."  I'll just email and ask each of you about your personalization! My gut said, "keep moving this along." Then with confidence, my inner voice said, "heck, just open the cart NOW!" 

It felt good to follow my gut, trust myself, and get this 'show on the road!' And now, I'm sitting here looking at your monthly box subscription orders arriving and it's bringing me so much joy! I'm learning so much more to 'follow my gut.'

All the things positive this morning.

P.S. This pic is my freak out face. I'm staring at my computer on the first Facebook Live when I announced the new biz to you all. Trying to get the website to open up live, on camera - and it wouldn't. In that moment....heart beating, freaking out inside. Eventually it all worked out - as it usually does.

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