All the Things October

Sure, it's still September; but my mind has been in October since August. That's when I had the idea for 'doing my own thing' and creating All The Things by Lisa.

I've done 'all the things' a lot and for a long time. As in, for my husband and kids, my former career.....and don't get me wrong - I agreed to it all and my family is my FAVORITE - but it was time for something new and something just for me.

In my professional life, I've worked A LOT. Just ask anyone who has ever been in the tv news biz - it's all the things all the time. After close to 20 years in the business of telling people all the things they need to know for the day, I had to change it up. I was tired and wanted to be with my family more. Mommy guilt was all to common for me and I had found my career wasn't going to fit my needs. So, I needed to figure things out.

After hanging out with friends and finding out about other ways to fulfill my 'crafty' and 'gift-giver' side, I came up with All the Things monthly box subscription. I so look forward to the monthly subscription boxes that arrive at my door. It's something just for me and it's all about the experience.

That's what I want to do for you. Become a part of something that brings others joy.

So, since August I've been working on my monthly subscription box. October will be the first to be delivered and I have gone back and forth thinking - will people like it?, will it bring them joy?, and in today's mailing/shipping craziness  - will it even make it to them? :)

So many thoughts running through my head, but so much joy I have been having in creating this biz.

I hope you'll continue to join me on the journey and maybe add a box to your life!

Still doing all the things-



  • Hi Ellen! The box is currently priced at $45 which includes shipping.

    Lisa Johnson
  • Hi Lisa😘 what would be the monthly investment on this?


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